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Dusty Shoes the show!

Here is the 2015 show for anyone who didn’t get to see the LIVE show! And, thanks to Pat Martel there is a bonus pre-show interview and post show interview.

I decided to release this video as during this strange time of a pandemic we need as much theatre as we can get.

Thank you to all who gave me so much support in creating Dusty Shoes, and huge thank you to my director, Dean Fogal as you empowered me to actually do this.

Enjoy! (and remember… this was a piece for theatre and not for film)

Zooming on… leaping ahead!

“Best laid plans of mice and men…” Daily, I wanted to blog  my process of creating and producing a one woman show, my show, Dusty Shoes. Well, it’s hard to do that. Every inch of my time has been devoted to getting this piece up and running.


Believe it or not, we open THIS week at the Regina Fringe Festival. I will back track in my process as it’s been incredibly fascinating, and involved. I have learned so much.

But not now.

Now, I should be in bed, getting rest before I catch my plane, early tomorrow morning for Regina. But, I wanted to post something, anything, that marked this occasion.

I’m excited, nervous, calm, wired, tired, deliriously happy, and in awe that my project is actually happening, actually coming to fruition. I had a taste of what the fruits of my labour will be at my dress rehearsal before about 20 people last Thursday evening at the Presentation House Theatre. The results were beyond my expectations.


On that note…. I will see you in Regina, in a cafe, no doubt, when I finally have some time to write more. Bon voyage!!


Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

Currently, I could call every blog post “Juggling” as that is my chronic state. I’ve never had so many interesting tasks to do, simultaneously, in my life. Want to test your focus, stamina (ack! sleep!), domestic control, and your creativity? Write, produce, and act in a one person show.

Recently, the producer in me starting to hustle the writer in me as the actor in me started to knock on the writer’s door every day, demanding the script. The actor has been pacing around, anxious to get rehearsing as she could see time ticking. I don’t blame her.

Finally, the script was passed from my left to my right hand … Continue reading Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

Giving anxiety form…

Things continue to rock and roll with the creation of Dusty Shoes. My last post of “Hat Juggling” pretty much sums up what will continue until showtime. However,  doing as much of the producing part before full on rehearsals, and the opening seems to me to be a smart thing to do.

I must admit I was feeling somewhat … Continue reading Giving anxiety form…

Hat Juggling…

Which hat am I wearing currently? That is the question I am most posing myself these days.

I actually love wearing hats, and at one point in my life  was a hat maker (milliner), but that’s another story!


These days, however, I’m juggling the producer hat, the marketer hat, the social media “expert” hat, the fundraiser hat, the graphic artist hat, the writer hat, the actor hat, and all the other “normal” life hats. Okay… maybe those … Continue reading Hat Juggling…

A Solo Show Isn’t…

If you think doing a solo show is all about doing everything “on your own”, you’re wrong. Now is the time when you truly need a team more than ever. And, it’s a humbling experience.

On Friday, May 3rd, I marveled at the meeting of minds when I introduced my director, Dean Fogal, to Tom Carter, artist/composer, and now our sound designer. As I suspected the creative juices would start flowing and … Continue reading A Solo Show Isn’t…