Fundraising… ahh the artist’s life!

I’ve always hated asking for help. I’m an only child and “I’ll do it myself!” However, my Dusty Shoes project is teaching me to ask for help, and lo and behold, I’m receiving it in so many ways. It’s a humbling experience.

As I said below, many talented friends have extended so much help toward my show, and their time is equally precious. I would like to reimburse them for their work and commitment. Plus, as we’re doing two Fringe Festivals, there are travel expenses.

This show is for people. For people who have dreams, aspirations, and who need to be reminded to listen to their inner voices (even if they are loud and wear motorcycle boots) and to not wait for a crisis to take action.

If you would like to help me get that message out in an entertaining way,  we have an INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN where you can contribute. There are only 20 days left. If we don’t reach our goal, indiegogo takes 9% of what is collected, 3% if we make our goal.

Help Us Get To Edmonton Fringe Festival?

Voila!! Merci to those who have already contributed, and future thanks to you, if you choose to contribute.

I am sincerely grateful...
I am sincerely grateful…

JULY 2, 2013:

We had a successful fundraiser at the Shark Club. Lots and lots of fun, and creative fundraising. Madame Rouge even made an appearance! (without her bandana.. oops)

"Which one do you prefer? Zis one, or zis one?"
“Which one do you prefer? Zis one, or zis one?”
Fun times at our Shark Club Fundraiser!
Fun times at our Shark Club Fundraiser!
A few of the shoes we collected for charity!
A few of the shoes we collected for charity!

“As the creator of Dusty Shoes, Trilby, I am overwhelmed with the amount of volunteer support I am receiving in order for my dream to come true. My solo show has been in the works for a few years, and is now coming to fruition.

Yes, a lot of volunteers but without some of the incredible professional help coming forward, the show could not happen. And, as most artists do, we work for love, but love doesn’t always pay the bills.

My goal, along with others, is to honour the director, the sound designer, the costume designer, the stage managers, the theatre company who’s lending us their rehearsal space, our photographer, and more. There are many costs to putting together a show that goes on the road as well.

Through our fundraising campaign, we will aim to honour the people involved and also pay the expenses so debt is not incurred.

Dusty Shoes is a play about transformation. The goal is to inspire you, the audience, to follow your true calling, go beyond obstacles and to listen to that good inner voice!

Join us for our fun fundraiser at The Shark Club in Vancouver on July 2, 2013. Dust off your funkiest shoes, bring a pair to donate to our shoe drive, have a drink, see some bouffons, hear some music, dance a little, and support a great movement.

Thank you!!

Show up with a copy of your ticket and your name, and be prepared to have some FUN!”

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