Giving anxiety form…

Things continue to rock and roll with the creation of Dusty Shoes. My last post of “Hat Juggling” pretty much sums up what will continue until showtime. However,  doing as much of the producing part before full on rehearsals, and the opening seems to me to be a smart thing to do.

I must admit I was feeling somewhat … …overwhelmed yesterday as I started to doubt my story and some of my text. I began to wonder if it was even interesting. I guess these thoughts are natural when you have played the same story a million times in your head in different variations. You tend to lose perspective!

That’s where my director, or a director is crucial. These days I’m super grateful for Dean Fogal’s wisdom and gentle guidance. “If we’re not having fun we’re not actually being productive.” Most directors won’t express this idea to you. “Give your anxiety form” is another piece of wise advice from Dean as he witnessed my worry rise with all my tasks. In other words, do something, and the anxiety will most likely disappear. It’s true.

Today I had the luxury of a morning to myself, in our wonderful rehearsal hall provided by The Presentation House Theatre. I allowed myself to drift on my blanket covered mat and visualize  how I would proceed with script revisions. Permission to drift and dream is something I like to give myself periodically as many times answers emerge beneath the fog. It worked and my day felt calmer, yet, we were very productive.

script revisionsAlmost half the play is blocked, and the writer is staying “just” ahead of the actor and the director. On that note…. back to my script!

Thanks for reading! Keep creating…. and snoozing sometimes!


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