Dusty Shoes is….


After two intense years of care-giving, I’ve chosen to bring back Dusty Shoes. The idea was to give my father, Barry Jeeves, a gift of my performance this summer, but we didn’t make it. He died on May 10th 2015. However, I was able to read him Dusty Shoes in a quiet little room in the hospital when he was stronger and still sitting in his wheelchair. He was with me. And, I brought him Madame Rouge to hold onto last year. He liked her. A lot. 🙂

Madame Rouge et Papa
Madame Rouge et Papa


This dusty resurrection in August 2015 in…Prince Edward Island is for him. He knew I was planning on this, so he is still part of the journey. And, it’s for my mother, Joan Kempton, as well. To take me back to her across the miles so I can continue another type of caring.

Currently, my director and I are re-examining the play, and painting in some more brush strokes to deepen the characters and their relationship. It’s a treat to start again with something that has already had some “work shopping”, having performed in two Fringe Festivals.

An added bonus to my show are the second acts featuring: August 21st, Amy and Rachel Beck; August 22, Michael Jerome Browne, and August 29th, the Popalopalots Improv Troupe from Charlottetown.

Stay tuned for more updates! (thanks for coming back and checking in.. :))

Madame Rouge and Trilby are back!
Madame Rouge and Trilby are back!

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