A Solo Show Isn’t…

If you think doing a solo show is all about doing everything “on your own”, you’re wrong. Now is the time when you truly need a team more than ever. And, it’s a humbling experience.

On Friday, May 3rd, I marveled at the meeting of minds when I introduced my director, Dean Fogal, to Tom Carter, artist/composer, and now our sound designer. As I suspected the creative juices would start flowing and … …those two would mirror their inspirations. I sat back, interjected a bit, and witnessed exchanges of great ideas. The sound seeds are planted for my show, and very soon (we worked out a schedule) we will begin an improvisation process of creating music and effects that will support the story. I’m excited as I know I am in the midst of incredible skill.


Shortly after that meeting, (held at the wonderful “Lost and Found Cafe” downtown Vancouver), not missing a beat, I met with the motivated mother and son duo, Anne Stadnyk and David Kington, of RTownYaletown. Our minds conjured up some exciting thoughts regarding fundraising so Dusty Shoes can pay all the wonderful people who are jumping on board to help. Stay tuned for that. (and if you are a business in the Yaletown area, their digital billboards are fabulous for advertising). I’m grateful for their marketing enthusiasm.

More on the fundraising topic. Enter actor and financial professional, Derek McIver. He has been helping me with some financial advice and expressed interest in helping us raise funds for Dusty Shoes. A warm phone message last night said he is “stoked” to be creating an event for Dusty Shoes (more later).  The energetic tornado, Rhiannon Foster, real estate gal extraordinaire is also jumping on board. I’m in awe.

Another great person who has offered her services is Dawn Climie, costumer fabuloso. She has a resume that makes you wonder how she can still have such beautiful posture and a smile! (check out her blog on costuming) Dawn has offered to help with my main costume for the first character in Dusty Shoes, Madame Rouge. This costume needs some special rigging as well as some flavour of the 1920’s. We have had a preliminary meeting and will do an improvisation with the director that will help to define our costume needs.


And, what’s a play without some props? Mark Senner from Premier Mobility is kicking in with a couple of major props for the show. If I tell you exactly what he’s offering, it might need a spoiler alert. Maybe I’ll tell you later.

Everybody who is contributing one way or another to my project makes this journey nowhere near a solo show. (But.. I have to say the “writer” is starting to feel some pressure for another draft!)

My team is growing and I am truly grateful.

2 thoughts on “A Solo Show Isn’t…

  1. The stars are aligned to make you shine and you deserve it, Trilby. Enjoy the journey! Lots of love!

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