Dusty Shoes is a one woman show that is created by me, Trilby Jeeves. I had never done this before. So I thought I’d blog about it.

“The one woman show must go on, even without the woman. Enter alter ego, Madame Rouge, an hors d’oeuvre who excuses, eulogizes, ridicules and provokes the woman. Will the woman emerge, go beyond her disability and be reminded to listen to her inner voice, even if it’s wearing motorcycle boots?”

The premiere of Dusty Shoes  took place at the Regina Fringe Festival, in Regina, Saskatchewan, on July 10-15, 2013, and then unfolded on August 15-25, 3013 at the Edmonton Fringe Festival in Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2015, following my Dad’s passing, I fulfilled my promise to him to perform in Prince Edward Island, and did four shows between The Carrefour Theatre in Charlottetown, and The Kings Playhouse in Georgetown.


Having studied at Le Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Quebec City as the only ever English person, I have  wanted to brave my own solo show for many years. A back operation and a new disability motivated me to tap into my French training and do it! Le Bouffon is helpful to my process (merci Marc Dore et Jaques LeCoq) and the final presentation. With director and corporeal mime professional, Dean Fogal, we continue to pursue the idea of crossing cultural boundaries with movement and language. This is a journey of performance and story development.

I have done a lot of theatre, written a lot of poems and in the last couple of years several blog posts.

You can read my other work here:
http://www.trilbyjeeves.com, http://www.buffooneryworkshops.com, http://www.GVPTA.ca

And, see a sampling of my acting, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvWkXyaoZng&t=11s

But, here, I will continue to write about my adventure, with all its ups and downs… Thanks for coming by!


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