Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

Currently, I could call every blog post “Juggling” as that is my chronic state. I’ve never had so many interesting tasks to do, simultaneously, in my life. Want to test your focus, stamina (ack! sleep!), domestic control, and your creativity? Write, produce, and act in a one person show.

Recently, the producer in me starting to hustle the writer in me as the actor in me started to knock on the writer’s door every day, demanding the script. The actor has been pacing around, anxious to get rehearsing as she could see time ticking. I don’t blame her.

Finally, the script was passed from my left to my right hand ……and the writer was sent off to take a long coffee break. As an actor, I know how much time I need to learn my lines, my blocking, and all my intentions, sub-text and, in this case, my physicality. I have not made an easy script for me.

sound cues

However, I did write it and as someone said, “your lines are in there, Trilby, as you wrote them!” They are correct and I’m happy to report that so far the lines seem to be coming out of my mouth despite not much “studying”.

Director, Dean Fogal, and I, all during the process of my writing, have done in depth character sleuthing, which helps the story learning process even more. I will have to write more about this when life is slightly calmer. (my English will be better, too)

Some other updates include: I have a stage manager on board (yay!) and she has already designed our prompt book. Last night, Dean, Tom Carter (my sound designer) and I stayed up super late choosing all our sound cues and music. It is very comforting knowing that there is a sound track onto which my piece will hang nicely. I always find music a great atmosphere creator.

And, lastly, our fundraiser party next Tuesday is growing into be something colourful and fun! Madame Rouge looks like she will make an appearance to show off her new outfit, and maybe tease a few people. Other bouffons will be around as well! You coming?

Okay… actor is telling me to get off the computer and get into my script! Until next time!

4 thoughts on “Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

  1. Brava, Trilby! Collaborating with all your roles simultaneously is a feat that defeats many… Not you, however. Cheers from the east coast!

    1. Thank you Ann… I so appreciate your support, and theatrical encouragement. It’s quite an exciting rollercoaster. We finished blocking the play, today, so that feels like another step. Whew… 🙂

  2. Music cues totally helped me with my weak memory issues. Quieted the fears, too. And, yes, I loved the atmosphere they assisted in creating even before I walked on stage. So glad this is all coming together for you – just know you’ll do a splendid job.

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