Hat Juggling…

Which hat am I wearing currently? That is the question I am most posing myself these days.

I actually love wearing hats, and at one point in my life  was a hat maker (milliner), but that’s another story!


These days, however, I’m juggling the producer hat, the marketer hat, the social media “expert” hat, the fundraiser hat, the graphic artist hat, the writer hat, the actor hat, and all the other “normal” life hats. Okay… maybe those …hats have slipped to the bottom of the pile, for now.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the wackiness, the creativity, the comradeship (what an amazing team of people I have supporting me!), and the deep journey I’m on with my director, Dean Fogal, on the discovery of Dusty Shoes.

I feel like we are sculptors, sculpting away the bits so as to find a treasure that even we didn’t know was beneath that mysterious surface.

But. This is all too poetic. I was supposed to write a journal.

Some catching up:

Meetings have been had with a group of skilled and warm friends who have taken on the task to fund-raise so we can financially honour the huge amounts of time people are spending on creating Dusty Shoes with me (director/sound design, costume, stage managing etc). Plans are in the works to do an online crowd-funding campaign (full of fun to be had at a Shoe Shop in Vancouver), and an event at the Shark Club in Vancouver on July 2. Lots of TBA’s for that one.

Dean and I had a meeting with Dawn Climie who has jumped on board to design and rig the main (challenging) costume for Madame Rouge. We are headed out into the world to shop and create on Saturday. Can’t wait to see what magic we will muster up.

Dawn and Madame Rouge

The marketer in me has made a Dusty Shoes facebook page and we’re already having some fun. I challenge anyone who “likes” our page to post a picture of you with your favourite shoes in a similar style, snap shot, as our poster. Rhiannon Foster has lead this game!Rhiannon Foster's Dusty Shoes

Of course, late into the night is when I finally get to settle into my ongoing rewrites after hours with Dean, discussing and digging . This will go on for awhile, I believe. But, we are much much closer.

Today, we officially began our exploratory rehearsals at the rehearsal hall of The Presentation House Theatre. NOW it feels real. I had been waking up with butterflies as I know the show opens July 10, in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the actor in me really needed to get up on her feet. Now we have broken the ice, I might wake up early, but perhaps the butterflies will be asleep until closer to opening!

Time to adorn my script writer’s hat, and bid you adieu!

May I ask? What hats are you wearing at the moment in your life?

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