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Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

Currently, I could call every blog post “Juggling” as that is my chronic state. I’ve never had so many interesting tasks to do, simultaneously, in my life. Want to test your focus, stamina (ack! sleep!), domestic control, and your creativity? Write, produce, and act in a one person show.

Recently, the producer in me starting to hustle the writer in me as the actor in me started to knock on the writer’s door every day, demanding the script. The actor has been pacing around, anxious to get rehearsing as she could see time ticking. I don’t blame her.

Finally, the script was passed from my left to my right hand … Continue reading Writer, Producer… finally, the actor

A Solo Show Isn’t…

If you think doing a solo show is all about doing everything “on your own”, you’re wrong. Now is the time when you truly need a team more than ever. And, it’s a humbling experience.

On Friday, May 3rd, I marveled at the meeting of minds when I introduced my director, Dean Fogal, to Tom Carter, artist/composer, and now our sound designer. As I suspected the creative juices would start flowing and … Continue reading A Solo Show Isn’t…