Fundraising…. yup..

When I got into acting, I remember someone saying “Oh dear… acting? Actors are beggars.”

That made me feel discouraged and somewhat determined not to ask for help. And, I did well for awhile. I supported my “folly” with side jobs and eventually a decent career in costuming. I earned my “big” bucks on film sets, and then… …dashed off to be with my love, the theatre, for “little” bucks.

That worked until my back gave out and film set work was not an option anymore. Time to reinvent myself, sort of. Buffoonery Workshops was born. Now, my show, Dusty Shoes, is growing out of my story.

And, we’re asking for your help. Our Indiegogo Campaign

We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help pay for all the costs of producing this show, and will have a Dusty Shoes party on July 2, 7pm downtown Vancouver at the Shark Club. (you can buy tickets online or in person before the evening – no ticket selling at the door on the eve.)Dusty Shoes Fundraiser

Sharing our event, and campaign is sufficient to make us Dusty Cats happy. Hope to see you on July 2 or at the show in Regina and/or Edmonton this summer!

(p.s. Join our fun facebook page where some neat pictures are being posted!)

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