Lumps, bumps, and costuming fun…

Today’s post?

Simply that while Dean, my director, and I rehearsed, re-wrote, found sub stories, philosophized, ate strawberries, and discovered new elements of Dusty Shoes, my friends were laughing it up as they began creating one of my character’s, ‘Madame Rouge’, new outfit.

Dawn Climie and Kevin Harrison are skilled veteran theatre/film costumers I worked with years ago during my costuming career. Who would have thought that ‘flash forward’ they…… would be helping me give birth to my solo show in the forms of, well…. lumps and bumps! I am incredibly grateful.

Madame Rouge, Trilby’s bouffon, alter ego, past life, inner voice, is something special. Dawn and I had many conversations about this character’s past and where her energy is. The bouffon bumps and lumps are reflecting areas in my body that are weaker or I could afford to have a giggle at. With the distorted parts comes great freedom to play! Stay tuned for more!

lumps and bumpsphoto 12photo16

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