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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to all fellow Canadians!! The sun is shining and summer has riZ! (and Happy Day to all who are NOT Canadian… you are today!)

Canadian shoeSThings are a brewin’ for our Dusty Shoes Fundraiser on Tuesday evening at the Shark Club in Vancouver. Hope you can make it! Tickets are 10.00$ and all proceeds go to supporting the Dusty Shoe’s team. Vive les arts that make you think, and laugh!

Dust off your favourite, funkiest shoes, bring a pair to donate to our charity shoe drive, and be prepared to see some bouffons, and a very special unveiling of Madame Rouge, Trilby’s bouffon, with her sister musical bouffons…. Shhh… it’s a surprise!

An update blog post soon to follow! (whew… rehearsals are going well.. )

Lumps, bumps, and costuming fun…

Today’s post?

Simply that while Dean, my director, and I rehearsed, re-wrote, found sub stories, philosophized, ate strawberries, and discovered new elements of Dusty Shoes, my friends were laughing it up as they began creating one of my character’s, ‘Madame Rouge’, new outfit.

Dawn Climie and Kevin Harrison are skilled veteran theatre/film costumers I worked with years ago during my costuming career. Who would have thought that ‘flash forward’ they… Continue reading Lumps, bumps, and costuming fun…