Le Retour….

Yes, it’s been awhile since I have written here. I haven’t forgotten about my work, let it go, or anything dramatic. I took a time out to visit my family in Eastern Canada before my summer really took off. It was necessary to do for many reasons.

My parents live in Prince Edward Island, where I spent many years. The energy by the Atlantic Ocean is quite different from the Pacific Ocean sensations. Both bring deep feelings to me.

Kamouraska, Quebec
Kamouraska, Quebec

Now, I am in the countryside in Québec, in a small gentle area called “Kamouraska”. I am fortunate enough to be …spending time with good friend and talented actor/writer/director, Christian Bégin. We are examining Dusty Shoes together from a whole other perspective.

Since my acting training was en Français, I wanted to tap back into that spirit for my piece. I asked Christian if he would help me colour Dusty Shoes with some French energy. Thankfully, he agreed. With his incredible experience I knew we would discover something deeper.

I wasn’t wrong.

Currently, we are in the process of making some changes and to be honest, I’m not sure how it’s all going to unfold. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous about the shake up we will most likely instigate. But, here we go.

Christian identified and confirmed some of the weaker points about my piece. It is so important for me to not just “tell” (raconter) a story, but to show it, feel it, live it, and allow the audience to do the same.

That is, after all, theatre, n’est ce pas?

But… instead of writing here, I must return to my drawing board. My mentor awaits.

Wish me luck and many muse moments!


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