Tornado of tasks…

Oh my. The last week has been a whirlwind of activity with Dusty Shoes, and life. In fact, as I write this, my goal is to get to my bed at a reasonable hour tonight. The last two nights have been busy with getting details together for my Regina Fringe Festival information deadline, yesterday. Hmmm… taxes and the Fringe on April 30th.

What did I have to have ready? Well….

My poster or graphics for the Regina Festival’s program, and their website. And, technical requirements for the stage (stage size, wings, storage area, lighting, height, etc), my “crew”, billet information (if I need somewhere to stay), when I will arrive, my technical rehearsal time preferences, show details, contacts and more.

The big task was the poster. Thank goodness my director, Dean Fogal, and I have been meeting and discussing my script, the staging, the story, exploration ideas relating to the body and the stage, and prop ideas in the last week. Our meetings go for about four hour sessions that inspire and help to reexamine my writing. The original story is still there, but details change as we dig deeper for the “why” and the meaning behind this piece.

When I knew I had to create a graphic for Dusty Shoes, I felt somewhat concerned as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to reveal or commit to as a piece of the story, this soon. The good part of having this deadline, however, was that it forced us, me, to simplify and clarify the message. Strangely, or not, the deadline demands have aided in advancing the play. For that I’m thankful.

Dean, Chara, Trilby having fun!

Friend, Chara Berk,  who is a professional photographer and performer, invited the task of creating our image and between Dean, Chara, and me, on Monday, April 29th, we listened to our muses and arrived at an image that excited us. We were all pretty calm despite the fast approaching deadline, and I believe this had a lot to do with our success. A good lesson. (we had fun, too)

And, we also know that we can tweak and improve things as we prepare for printing and the Edmonton Fringe Festival, as well.  The odd part for me is creating a piece of marketing for something that is nowhere near completion. But, marketers will tell you that it’s a great way to commit and get things done.

So… here is my poster, exposed to the world. What do you think? (if you happen to read this blog.. thanks!)

Dusty Shoes poster9

11 thoughts on “Tornado of tasks…

  1. Trilby, my only two wishes is for you to do great and that I could be there! Looks awesome! Great job and I sincerely hope that it all goes great for you!

      1. Then that would be awesome!! I would be first in line! Miss seeing you there lady. It’s been a while. Take care of yourself. Hugs from P.E.I.! Sarah thought the poster was awesome too! 🙂

  2. A great concept and lots of great ideas for a seemingly simple image. Great work on the font which captures the tone of the play and I love the lighting and shadows on the shoes. You’re getting there, Trilby! xx

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