First Dusty Shoes Interview!!

Today marks another milestone for Dusty Shoes! My first official online interview regarding my show.

Seeing as I haven’t finished writing, it is a bit unnerving pulling together a “press release” and intelligent, informed answers.  You still want to give enough information to create curiosity but not too much that you can’t …alter your text.

In fact, I was worried about my description of the French character in my interview as yesterday I changed a detail that will affect some of the dialogue (in a much better way, I hope).  I was praying that I hadn’t revealed too much and, whew, I hadn’t. This was not by skill but by sheer luck.

Or maybe instincts guided me to keep my mouth shut about certain things, and confidently discuss the theme. Who knows? I guess I’ll choose the latter. (And this is what my play is about coincidentally! Or not…)

The Interview:

CHARPO: Okay, for starters… bilingual? Why?!

JEEVES: There are two main characters in the piece, and one is from France. Madame Rouge is a bouffon, an exaggeration of a personality from the 1920’s. My training was in French and I love mixing and playing in both languages. It brings an interesting dimension to the work.


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