Back to the drawing board… sort of…

April 16, 2013

Today I gave myself the whole day to work on the play. My only outside task was to get my Dad’s parcel off for his birthday, which I did.

I started off in a cafe for a couple of hours, then hunkered in on my bed (a room with a door) and dove into the read through feedback. I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with ideas, contradicting opinions, and all the work still ahead of me. But, I know it’s to be expected. And, even a lot of good ideas can still overwhelm!


Today I examined the script from a couple of perspectives. The first one was reviewing all the areas where there is narration. I made notes to activate these areas, make scenes. And, then where narration could remain, was it possible to make it into the present tense rather than the past? Just that activity seems to liven up the presentation and make it more “act-able”.

Actually, it is tricky writing when you are the one who is going to be performing it. I have to be cautious about letting the actor come in too much. But she is pretty handy at times, too. Instant dramaturgical work, if I want.

A fun task today, that my director/co-creator encouraged me to try, was do a stick drawing of my play in about 8 panels. This process actually enabled me to see my theme more clearly. As a result I am making some character changes. It all sounds cryptic when you don’t know the play.

Do I boldly give details and reveal some of my writing here? Or do I keep mysteriously secretive and general? I’ll have to think about this one.

To close, however, here is a quote that might make it to the last version of my play: “You were supposed to be on this stage! Not moi! Tu étais supposé  de raconter tes histoires. I am tired of trying to help you!”



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