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First Dusty Shoes Interview!!

Today marks another milestone for Dusty Shoes! My first official online interview regarding my show.

Seeing as I haven’t finished writing, it is a bit unnerving pulling together a “press release” and intelligent, informed answers.  You still want to give enough information to create curiosity but not too much that you can’t … Continue reading First Dusty Shoes Interview!!

Back to the drawing board… sort of…

April 16, 2013

Today I gave myself the whole day to work on the play. My only outside task was to get my Dad’s parcel off for his birthday, which I did.

I started off in a cafe for a couple of hours, then hunkered in on my bed (a room with a door) and dove into the read through feedback. I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with ideas, contradicting opinions, and all the work still ahead of me. But, I know it’s to be expected. And, even a lot of good ideas can still overwhelm!


Today I examined the script from a couple of perspectives. Continue reading Back to the drawing board… sort of…