Regina… wrapped!

A little overdue, this post.

But, I did take a well needed week off  of “computering” and the show. We took a leisurely time driving back from Regina to Vancouver. Had a few fun stops along the way. Rodeos, resting, re-uniting with family and friends, breathing in mountain air, picking cherries, eating el fresco, and coming back with fruit with which to make jam!

IMG_7781MdmR.on Prairies

Yes… we did it! And, our last show at 1:30 on Sunday was a rewarding standing ovation. To have a standing ovation for … …something you wrote and acted in is quite the vibration to feel. I was overcome, in a good way. After most shows, people expressed their emotions, their thoughts, and some of their dreams.

Peter, Cheryl (stage manager), Trilby last day!


My goal of wanting people to leave the theatre thinking about their lives and their paths is fulfilled. So many of us wait for crises before we move on our list of things we would like to do on this earth.  As Madame Rouge says, “What are you waiting for, your next past life?”

And, now, there is so much more to come as I prepare for the Edmonton Fringe Festival. This is the mammoth Fringe of Canada, so here I will really get to test the waters.

This past week I returned to my computer realizing that I must begin promoting more as this will be key to potential audiences. Social media, print material, this blog, press releases, media kits…. The list goes on.

Oh. And, yes… rehearsing some more!

Now the actor in me wants to deepen, even more, my performance. Key to my enjoyment and artistic satisfaction.

Thanks for your patience and still hanging in with me. More posts coming!!

Madame Rouge being a tourist!
Madame Rouge being a tourist!

2 thoughts on “Regina… wrapped!

    1. Thank you Ann!! I’m pretty happy but as artists are, ready to make everything even better! Getting ready for the mammoth Fringe, Edmonton… Thank you, again, for your support in all ways. xo

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