Reviews do help… get bums in seats!

Dusty Shoes had a nice review today from Sabrina Cataldo, a Regina Fringe Festival reviewer.

Thought I’d share it with you:

“A mini-review of DUSTY SHOES by Fringe social media liaison Sabrina Cataldo:

Dusty Shoes is a hidden gem of this year’s fringe. The colourful and outlandish Madame Rouge interacts with the audience and draws us in from the very beginning with her humour and larger-than-life presence. We soon learn that this buffoon character is the “inner voice from a past life” of Trilby Jeeves, a woman who must come to terms with……a disability that changes the trajectory of her life. The different stages of Jeeves’ physical and emotional journey are tied together with a shoe motif – from sneakers to high heels to motorcycle boots – culminating in an unexpected reveal. The show ends with a feeling of joy and freedom that stays with you as you leave the theatre.

The first few shows drew small crowds due to their place on the schedule, so buzz has not grown around this show at the level it deserves. Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a funny and sweet show this weekend. And bring a few friends with you. You won’t regret it.

Jeeves is a master (or mistress, if you prefer) of social media. Check out her blogs at and and find her on Twitter @tjbuffoonery.”

5 thoughts on “Reviews do help… get bums in seats!

  1. FANTASTIC BILINGUAL PERFORMANCE!!!! I attended your show in Regina, Sunday afternoon. It really touched my heart and ….. I thoroughly enjoyed the M&M’s that you gave me too! -:)

    1. Hello Lise! Thank you for your wonderful comments. They are much appreciated! I’m very happy that the show touched you. My goal is that people will leave the show thinking about their own life and maybe take some steps to do something they have always wanted to do, whatever that is. Thank you for coming to Dusty Shoes!

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