Resting is over, dear Thespian!


I had my time “off” between the two Fringes and now I’m gearing up for the Mammoth Edmonton Fringe Festival that launches with a Fringe Parade on the eve of August 15th! My first show is the day after at 2:45pm on Friday the 16th.

My “break time” felt odd. I felt slightly lost, I admit. Prior to the Regina Fringe… …I had been putting in long hours between writing, rehearsing, marketing, poster creating, and fundraising. So,  suddenly not  working as hard threw my body into a sort of sloth mode. My director said I needed to do that and not to worry.


Worry? Oh yeah… even in my naps I thought, what if? What if I have forgotten the whole script? I think I was recalling how I would cram for exams and when they were over I knew nothing.

So.. I’m feeling much better having run a few Italians (fast paced line runs), and doing some intense exploratory rehearsals with Dean, my director. I applied what I teach, buffoonery, to my text and discovered several gems that I’m now excited to perform.

And…… next week I’ll have an audience!!!

One more rehearsal tomorrow (Friday), a full run through for my stage manager who is coming this time, and for me to try out some of the discoveries of the last two days.  Then pack the cars, and away we go!

The Edmonton Fringe Festival is the largest in Canada. The city apparently stops in its tracks for the Fringe and the energy is wild. I’m convinced a bold adventure awaits.

So… if you know anyone in Edmonton or if you are coming, get tickets to Dusty Shoes playing at the Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre. My schedule is here.


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