Ice broken, Stage Stomped… and Opened!

It is already day two of the Regina Fringe Festival and I can hardly believe we opened last night. Dusty Shoes….is…. open! We had our “World Premiere” to an intimate, eager, fun audience last night. And, they liked it. Whew. In fact, they loved it.

Fringe tickets

How was I feeling? Before the show, I was a mix of calm, excitement, disbelief, worry, shallow breaths, deeper breaths, and eventually, a feeling of “just go tell them the story”. And, that is what I focused on.

Was the critic anywhere near me, trying to deke me out? Oh yes……and we did a bit of a dance, which lead to a few skipped lines, but apparently not enough to throw a wrench into the story. And, for the stage manager and the technician, it was their first full show with me.

We did well.

But, I have to say I was relieved to have that first official show out of the way. As soon as I made my way back stage I burst into tears. (I’m a sap) I finally realized that something I have been wanting to do and working on for years had come to fruition. That was a lot. I was a mix of being a deer in headlights to just being matter of fact.

Post show and sweaty!

Audience members waited to talk with me, which I thought was a good sign! They didn’t bolt out the door! The conversations were the subjects I dreamed people would desire to discuss. Following your path, dealing with physical challenges, waiting too long to initiate actions in our lives… and more. (and the bold interaction between Madame Rouge and them)

Today my show was scheduled for 3pm (on a Wednesday afternoon… ouch). I decided to expect an empty theatre and discussed with the “team” that we would do the show anyway for us. And, that is exactly what happened. And, I was mostly good with that. I gave myself a goal to explore, and had a really good time. Good thing my partner was in the room. “Madame Rouge” had a hey-day with him!


Now the team is ready to fly. And, it’s time to put on my marketing hat to help get some “butts in seats” as Madame Rouge would say. (Madame Rouge has requested to write a blogpost so I will let her, soon.)

So… this is where you can help me. Know anyone in Regina or Edmonton? Please send them my link and encourage them to watch Dusty Shoes, a show that will have them laughing, crying a little, and thinking about their own dreams.

(Oh.. et pour les Francophones ou des Anglophones qui parlent le Francais, voila une entrevue a Radio Canada avec Michel Lalonde)

Merci beaucoup!

7 thoughts on “Ice broken, Stage Stomped… and Opened!

      1. saw your show last night great job and that guy with the beard that was God he put me in this chair to help others and have had dreams where i’m walking and I can feel the ground under my feet it’s so cool keep it up

  1. WTG Trilby. The next Neil Simon or Jacque Brel? Probably just showed that I know nothing about theatre. Congratulations for finally bringing your vision to life.

  2. Obviously happy for you like crazy, and ..curious… did the audience want to ask Trilby questions, or were they directing them at Madame Rouge?
    Rock the rest of your shows! (I know you will!)

    1. So far they have asked Trilby questions…. but we are young in the process! Madame Rouge is starting to be known. 🙂 Two more shows in Regina (tonight and tomorrow). Thank YOU!

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