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Diving in & doing it!

Tuesday April 9, 2013 will go down in my books as a historical moment.

Mix a borrowed Cafe, tea, a variety of cookies, an eclectic group of writers, directors, a sound artist, actors, creators, and me with a freshly printed personal script and you have my evening.

And the read begins! (more people on the side!)
And the read begins! (more people on the side!)

Currently, as I write this, I am settled into pajamas with a glass of red wine and my yummy gluten free cheese bread toasted. My body aches a bit but I think I’m content. I say “I think” as I’m not really sure what I’m feeling other than relieved and super pooped. I think that was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

It’s one thing to read aloud a script written by someone else, or a script written by you, but one written by you that is also your personal story is a whole other ball game. Some parts were fun to read, and other times I thought, what am I doing??!! Who is speaking right now? Continue reading Diving in & doing it!

Editing for first read….


Tomorrow night I have invited about 12 people to join me at my local cafe, Cafe Trafiq, for a private read of my first official draft of “Dusty Shoes”. Really, though, it’s probably about the gazillionth draft already, but they don’t need to know that. Shhhh….

I’ve been going through the script looking for words, sentences that don’t really add to the story, and playing with the French/English dance so that it’s all understood, but not always just translating.

It’s a very interesting place to be. What a stupid sentence. Doesn’t express anything.

Okay, I’m sort of scared S%$#tless but also very excited. I have no idea how the piece is going to come across. I’ve read it to my partner and he has reacted mostly favorably. But, who knows? Continue reading Editing for first read….

I’m sceeeered (scared)


Here I am… Ready to launch a blog on my newest, scariest venture yet.

I’m going to blog about my journey with creating my first one woman show that will have to be ready for performance July 10 for the Regina Fringe Festival. From there, I will go to the Edmonton Fringe – August 15-25.

I will blog about my comings and goings. You can read them, or not. But it will be good for me! My play is called Dusty Shoes and it’s about an inner voice getting pissed at a woman who isn’t following her heart. The woman “crashes” and realizes if she doesn’t listen to her inner voice and follow her calling she won’t heal. The inner voice is a unique bouffon.

It’s about me.

That is all for now. Let the journal begin!