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Diving in & doing it!

Tuesday April 9, 2013 will go down in my books as a historical moment.

Mix a borrowed Cafe, tea, a variety of cookies, an eclectic group of writers, directors, a sound artist, actors, creators, and me with a freshly printed personal script and you have my evening.

And the read begins! (more people on the side!)
And the read begins! (more people on the side!)

Currently, as I write this, I am settled into pajamas with a glass of red wine and my yummy gluten free cheese bread toasted. My body aches a bit but I think I’m content. I say “I think” as I’m not really sure what I’m feeling other than relieved and super pooped. I think that was one of the hardest things I’ve done.

It’s one thing to read aloud a script written by someone else, or a script written by you, but one written by you that is also your personal story is a whole other ball game. Some parts were fun to read, and other times I thought, what am I doing??!! Who is speaking right now? Continue reading Diving in & doing it!