Editing for first read….


Tomorrow night I have invited about 12 people to join me at my local cafe, Cafe Trafiq, for a private read of my first official draft of “Dusty Shoes”. Really, though, it’s probably about the gazillionth draft already, but they don’t need to know that. Shhhh….

I’ve been going through the script looking for words, sentences that don’t really add to the story, and playing with the French/English dance so that it’s all understood, but not always just translating.

It’s a very interesting place to be. What a stupid sentence. Doesn’t express anything.

Okay, I’m sort of scared S%$#tless but also very excited. I have no idea how the piece is going to come across. I’ve read it to my partner and he has reacted mostly favorably. But, who knows?

My guests are aware that they are there to partake in a work in progress, and give feedback. They make up a group of people from my old writing group, talented friends who want to help with sound design, graphic design, directing, fundraising, and general support. It should be a fairly safe room. I will control the feedback with questions like: “What came up for you? What questions?” and “What did you like?” Or “Where were you most engaged?”

Tomorrow night should give me a lot more homework!

How I got to this point in my process will be explained in another post. I still have some work to do tonight and shouldn’t be writing a blog post!

In the meantime, this is something that keeps me inspired:

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