World Theatre Day 2014 on the fly…

It’s still the official day where I currently am. Toronto. I haven’t seen any theatre. Any “official” theatre.


I’ve been part of a lot of real live theatre. I’ve been traveling, trying to get to Eastern Canada. And, there has just been a monster storm, making it very challenging to reach my little  Prince Edward Island. Image

Did I mention I was in Toronto? Yup. In a hotel, graciously given to us by West Jet for the night, along with food vouchers (we really are fortunate in this wintery country).

So. No plays. No theatre. No musicals. No live performances.

No.That’s not true.

My taxi drive to the airport would have been way less interesting if… …my driver wasn’t a thoughtful person from Afghanistan, starting my day off philosophically. My line ups would have been so much less entertaining if it hadn’t been for the young men returning from work in Alberta. Two young islanders who had me and another Islander in stitches over their drunken antics they were unabashedly recounting. Pure live theatre if you ask me.

And… well, that sad drunken person who came to my dinner table to download his thoughts on love. “I’ve been married for 35 years and I don’t feel in love anymore.” It was true tragedy. And, a classic dilemma. I gave him my ear for a short while. The writer in me was too curious.

That’s just a wee taste of what has occurred, thus far, on my World Theatre Day. How about you?

If you are not attending an official play (which you SHOULD do) take in the theatre of the everyday, and enjoy.

Happy World Theatre Day!


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